Best Foods Of Gujarat

Indian people are fond of food and there is no better food style than Gujarati food menus. The combination of their eating habits mainly comprises of spicy food items mixed with sweets. The specialty of Gujarati Menus changes from region to region. For instance people from Kutch, North Gujarat have different styles of eating while that of South Gujarat has a different variety of flavors.
Let us go through with some of the finger licking items that are famous in the state of Gujarat.
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1.    Undhiyu
This dish is a complete mixture of various vegetables mainly banana, a various root vegetable. The procedure for cooking this recipe is very simple and less time-consuming. Earthen pots are being used for its preparation. This recipe is combined with Puri and Jalebi.
2.    Handvo
This preparation is also very interesting where the ingredients used are a mixture of rice, bottle gourd, and dal. It is generally served sophistically along with peanuts sesame seeds to name a few.
3.    Surti Locho
This preparation is most famous for the southern parts of Gujarat. It is mainly a packed mixture of flat rice along with grounded lentils. The rice is steamed and served with chutney and finger licking lemon juice.
4.    Khandvi
This is mainly considered for evening snacks. It is so soft that instantly melts within the mouth. The process is simple and cooked very slowly. It is served with coriander leaves along with fresh coconut.
5.    Dhokla
Also considered to be a famous snacks item, it is made up of rice mixture. Today there have evolved various versions khatta dhokla or the famous sandwich dhokla.

Thus Gujarati Menus are simply finger licking and they are very simple and easy to cook and so have attained much acclaim amidst other parts of the country as well.
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Taste Of Gujarat!

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