Hill Station Of Rajasthan Mount Abu

Western Rajasthan, where desert is mine and the rest of Rajasthan especially the eastern and southern Rajasthan have unique look with feel and identity. There are scenes of beautiful lakes and nature's boon-rich scenes, lush green hills and wildlife sanctuaries. 'Mount Abu' is such an unique place which is not only the 'hill station' of Rajasthan, also called 'Desert-State', but also to fulfill the lack of 'hill station' for Gujarat. Site ". This hill station, situated along the Gujarat border in Sirohi district of Southern Rajasthan, is situated at a height of 4 thousand feet. Mount Abu used to be a 'summer resort' of the members of the pre-royal houses of Rajasthan, who had been overwhelmingly hot. Later it was also called "Hill of Wisdom" because many religious and social beliefs associated with it have also made it known as a religious, cultural and spiritual center.
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85 km from Sirohi district headquarters in Rajasthan and about 185 km from the city of lakes, Udaipur. Fascinated by the cold and pleasant weather of this mountainous site located in the heart of the green hills, the tourists come from here to distant places. Located on a hill 1219 meters high, the famous Surya lake is 800 meters long and four hundred meters wide.
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The 'hill station' has become the favorite resort of tourists all over the country due to its cold weather and vegetative richness and gives the impression of green oasis in the desert. The pilgrims who pass on Mount Abu from Pansidida hill tourist destination, reach the road to Mount Abu, pass through the vast rocks and strong winds. The way to reach Mount Abu is very beautiful. Mount Abu is not only the paradise of tourists in summer, but the best samples of the unique and unmatched architecture of the eleventh century and the eleventh century can be seen here in the temple of Dilwara. These temples have made it the chief pilgrimage of Jains. At the same time, the fame of Mount Abu by Prajapati Brahma Kumari Ishvari Sadhana Kendra has spread throughout the world.
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Time to visit mount abu:
When in the plains the heat rages, then go to Mount Abu. By the way, it can be reached throughout the year. Due to elevation in the winter, the rest of the cold surroundings are much higher than the plains. When winter is to much the lake water gets accumulated.

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