Jai Ho Purnagiri Mata Ki

There is a temple of Singhvasasini Mata Purnagiri on the eastern edge of Dhartanuma rocky hill, which is approximately 3 thousand feet high above sea level, which is calculated in its principal benches. The mandatory temple with marble stones is always filled with the scent of red garments, suhag-stuff, climbing, offering and sunlight. The navel of the mother is covered with stone whose lower end has reached the Sharda river. This place is located near the statue of the goddess and devotees pray and pray. As they enter the temple, the passengers remain amazed by the colorful polothine panels and red chairs tied on the railings of iron pipe mounted to protect the passengers on the mountain peak from several meters away. These colorful red-yellow ripos, witnessing an unwritten contract between Goddesses and their devotees, proclaim glory of faith. On completion of the wish, there is also the recognition of the temple's philosophy and gratitude and the opening of the lump of rag.
pournagiri temple

Tunnel from Tonakpur and to the temple, sparkling tube lights, decorated shops, stereoscopes on stereo, statues of gods and goddesses in the path, women's groups passing through the villages, all the groups of women present some unique scenes of Mangal in the forest. Are there. There are long queues in the temple for twenty-four hours or night. A wonderful example of the reverence and spiritual discipline of people who are shouting loudly without worrying about the hunger thirst.
temple of purnagiri,old temple in india

This Shaktipeeth of Mother Purnagiri has the greatest importance in Kalikagiri, Hemlagiri and Mallikagiri situated in all four directions of the country.The entire region ranges from Tanakpur to Tuon and rejoices with the shouts of melancholy slogans. Like the Vaishno Devi, the Purnagiri Temple also attracts everyone. Hindus or Muslims, Sikhs or Christians- all accept the glory of fullness.
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Purnagiri Temple is 20 kilometers away from Tanakpur in Champawat district of Uttarakhand. Tanakpur is one of the few places in the state where there is a direct train service from Bareilly. The other cities of Kumaon are connected to the Tanakpur road route. There are direct buses from Delhi, Nainital, Haldwani and Bareilly. Pant town is the closest airport, 131 km away for air travelers.
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