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Restaurants With Bar In Ghaziabad

Here we are going to tell you about 3 restaurants located in Ghaziabad Indirapuram and in these restaurants you will find delicious food with bar. Sometimes a program of dinner or lunch become with family members or friends,so we are looking for a good restaurant where we get good taste and chilled beer,So let's tell you the restaurants of Ghaziabad Indirapuram. 9 mars lounge bar indirapuram,ghaziabad in shipra mall,3rd floor : Here you will find a lot of delicious food along with bar facilities.The quality of the food and the test are good,there are both veg and non-veg dishes.The atmosphere is right here,you can spend a good time with your family and friends. Try this Veg - Dal makhni,kadai paneer,mix veg,peanut masala chaat NonVeg - Fish tikka,butter chicken,chicken kali mirch,chicken tikka
Parking facility - Yes inside mall 
Bar-Be-Cue Village 2nd floor, Indirapuram,ghaziabad,Habitat Centre : If you want to spend a beautiful evening with your partner or family members then this r…
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Meenakshi Temple of Tamil Nadu

Historic hindu temple also referred to as Meenakshi Amman or Minakshi-Sundareshwara Temple. Meenakshi Temple is located in Madurai city of Tamil Nadu.Which is one of the oldest and most beautiful temple.The temple is included in the wonders of the world due to its texture.It has also been kept in the list of most clean temples.The temple's sanctum is considered as old as 3,500 years old. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. So if you are planning a religious journey then this temple will be a good experience for you. This beautiful temple spread over 14 acres and the height of the temple is 160 feet.In order to enhance the beauty of the temple and to protect it is surrounded by high-rise walls.There are two other temples in the premises except Sundareshwar and Meenakshi,and there are many other temples where Lord Ganesha,Murugan,Lakshmi, Rukmani,Saraswati Devi. There is also a pond in the temple 'Porthamrai Kulam' which means gold lotus pond. 165 fe…

Shivneri Fort Of Maharashtra

Historical tourist attraction of maharashtra shivneri fort This fort built on the hill is near Junnar village in Maharashtra state of Pune.There are about 100 caves in the mountains around Junnar.At the time of Shivaji's birth, his father Shahaji constructed this fort for the protection of his wife Jijabai. For the last 10 years after the birth, Shivaji was raised here in Shivneri Fort. Within the temple, Jijabai and Shivaji's childhood sculptures have remained. Shivaji was also named after the name of Goddess Shivai, whose temple is also built inside the fort.
The fort is surrounded by big rocks all around.There is a large pond between the middle of the fort which is called 'Badami Talav'.There are two sources of water for drinking in the temple,which is called Ganga-Yamuna. From this fort the ground can be seen comfortably by 360 degrees. The winter season is good for visiting here.During that time you can safely take a tour of the entire fort.This place is also fam…

The Unseen World of Elephants In Dalma

On passing from Jamshedpur to Ranchi National Highway 33, the Dalma Elephant Sanctuary area starts at about 20-25 kilometers. Dalma mountain range,along with wonderful natural beauty, there is a long chain of caves about which the residents of the villages adjacent to the forest know, but the outer world is still completely unaware of them.The villagers here recite the stories of the village Dalma Mai and also perform puja in the cave of Dalma Mai. Dalma has dozens of caves,but till date no one dares to go in. Here are the Narasimha Caves and Katasin caves near the temple which are known as the darbar. Both the caves are above the Ganesha temple, inside which the bears have a dwelling place. This Elephant Sanctuary famous in the world for large jungle,mountains.If you are planning to come here,then you have to take a ticket by paying a prescribed fee from the check post of Forest Department.There is also a museum near the main door of this unique world of elephants, in which you can …

Lotus Temple A Beautiful Historic Place In Delhi

Lotus Temple notable for its flowerlike shape. Delhi is known for its historic places and buildings.Many architectural wonders are located in the city. Among them,this white beauty called Lotus Temple is a major attraction.Lotus Temple is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Delhi.Lotus Temple in delhi has been built by an Iranian architect Firiborz Sahaba and has been funded by Randhapur of Ardishehr of Sindh.It is at the end of 7 Bahai temples in the world. People of any religion can go inside this temple and pray. People sit in the hall and meditate.

Central dome of temple It has a dome in the center, which is covered from the outside marble petals.The roof of this dome is an interior scene. Garden of temple There is a very beautiful garden in a part of this beautiful temple which has many types of plants. No picture is allowed inside this templeBahai Dharma prohibits the display of any kind of images.

4 Best Places To Visit In Karnataka

Popular tourist places to visit in karnataka  Karnataka option is best.If you are thinking of outing with a family.The sight of the lush green hills of Karnataka becomes even more beautiful after the monsoon and the mood of the weather remains pleasant.There are so many options for going from Nature to Adventure.

Baba budangiri pahadi - Best places of hiking and tracking lovers.At this place there are two other mountains named Munayanagiri and Dattagiri,whose specialty is the Kurinji flower that flourishes after 12 years. Jog falls - Jog Falls located on the Sharawati river and it is second highest waterfall in India.Water falling from a height of 253 feet and the surrounding mountains look like heaven. There are also many places around Jog Falls. Kudajadri hills - Here you can see many bizarre creatures like Indian rock python, Hornbill and Malabar Langur.Government has declared kudajadri hills as a natural heritage. Agumbe - Very famous tourist spot in Shimoga district of Karnataka…

Mumbai Four Seasons Hotel With Rooftop Bar

If you have plans to come to Mumbai and you want to spend your time in something special way, then Mumbai's Hotel,which named Four Seasons Hotel I believe you would like to spend your holiday here or a good quality time with your partner.This hotel located 1/136, Doctor E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018.You can enjoy your stay with comfortable rooms,outdoor pool,spa and fitness centre.
Four Seasons Hotel Offer:Suite specialBed and breakfastWeekend specialPlan your weddingRoof top bar
Services and Amenities Of Hotel Four Seasons MumbaiSPA & YOGATransportation to the mahalaxmi race courseWiFiPoolBook your room in Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai